Tattooing Your Face

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    Tattooing Your Face

    So I love to write, and I love what I do and all things health & beauty… so naturally I am now starting a blog. And I’m going to keep these blogs short and sweet because I am an Aries and I like to be to the point. So here’s blog number one…

    “Microblading. It’s a tattoo on your face!”

    I’m relatively new in the Microblading scene and have been doing this for just over a year. My biggest challenge as an artist is facing clients with unrealistic expectations, or even worse, facing clients with absolutely no clue as to what they’re getting themselves in for! I mean, you do understand that Microblading is basically a process of manually tattooing your brows onto your face… emphasis on the words “tattoo” and “your face.”

    So once you let that sink in, explain to me why a person would choose to go to a Microblading Artist because he/she is half the price and has a lot of appointments available? I understand that it can be a costly exercise and 50% savings makes a big difference in the budget. But girls & guys, there are many other factors to consider when choosing an artist to trust with your face. As an Artist and a client I would recommend everyone take the following points into mind when choosing a Microblading artist.

    What training have they done? There are many courses offered out there ranging from 2 day courses for R5000 and 6 month courses for R36000. The massive gap between education and price shows a massive gap in Artist’s quality and confidence. Do your research and ask your potential artist a few questions about his/her training. It’ll help you understand the discrepancies in cost of treatments across the board.

    Question the quality of the products used? The pigments should be safe, have no heavy metals in them, have a low risk of causing allergic reactions and heal true to their colour, in accordance with ReSap 2018 and have no reactions to magnets (MRI safe.) The Artist should use tools that are hygienic, sterilised and used only once for each client and then disposed of correctly. Hygiene is a big concern in the industry- we are working with blood and cut open skin. This brings in a responsibility from the artist to make sure the sharp tools as well as the contaminated cotton buds et. are disposed of responsibly and correctly. A good artist will have sharps containers and boxes collected by a Medical Waste company for incineration.

    How long does the treatment take? A good set of brows does NOT take an hour to do! You are paying for time, and even the best artists in the world take time to complete a full set of good quality brows! Expect to be in the room for 2-3 hours on your initial treatment. It’s a process of determining the correct shape and symmetry for your face, creating the correct pattern for your brow, filling in the strokes and fine tuning the details. It takes time to get it right!

    Is the Artist forthcoming with information? Your artist should be willing to part with all info concerning possible risks such as infection or allergic reactions, total contra-indications (pregnancy, breast feeding etc.) and pre and post-care! A client must be willing to follow the advice to gain the results. Your artist should give you step by step instructions and aftercare product to help you achieve the best results possible.

    Is your Artist friendly, informative, willing to spend the time chatting with you? If yes, this is the Artist for you! Someone who understands the process, who takes it seriously and offers you the best service and advice from the get go. Remember what I said in the beginning “it’s a tattoo on your face!” Research and choose wisely!

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